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Shopping carts are ubiquitous in retail stores across the United States. Whether you're at a grocery store, clothing outlet, or shopping center, you likely use a shopping cart more often than you realize. These carts endure daily wear and tear, with their wheels facing harsh conditions such as gravel paths, curbs, extreme temperatures, and corrosive weather. Due to this constant abuse, these wheels and casters tend to wear out faster than others.

As a leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor of shopping cart wheels and casters, we've witnessed some grocery cart repair companies opting for the cheapest wheels to maximize profit. Unfortunately, this often results in early failures. Quality should always take precedence over price when it comes to shopping cart wheels.

We understand the frustration of a cart's wheel locking up or refusing to roll. That's why at, we exclusively offer high-quality shopping cart casters and wheels. Our goal is to eliminate low-quality grocery cart wheels from the market and replace them with top-tier options. We've partnered with P&H Casters, a renowned manufacturer in the industry with five decades of quality control and testing experience. These wheels are built to withstand even the harshest conditions, thanks to their specialized polyurethane tread material and dual quad x precision bearings.

New shopping carts typically come equipped with P&H Casters and Wheels, but many cart repair companies replace them with subpar alternatives for profit. This practice has contributed to the negative reputation of many shopping carts. and P&H Casters aim to change this by standardizing shopping carts in the USA with the world's best shopping cart wheels. The benefits are clear: superior performance and extended longevity, resulting in happier shoppers who return to your store due to the ease of mobility and quality.

Small details matter, especially when it comes to the ergonomic experience of pushing a cart. For instance, if you've shopped at Target, you've likely noticed how effortlessly their carts roll. This is thanks to the P&H Caster wheels supplied by Target understands that quality keeps customers coming back.

Our casters and wheels can be found in numerous major retailers, including Target, Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Kroger, HEB, Kohls, Ross, Macy's, JC Penny, Sams Club, Costco, Ace Hardware, and more. It's important to note that while our casters and wheels are standard on new carts, some cart repair companies opt for lower-quality replacements, compromising performance and usability. Whether you're a shopping cart repair company or an employee replacing casters and wheels, always choose the original, highest-quality shopping cart casters and wheels in the industry. Trust for your grocery cartwheel and caster needs.

Shopping Cart Wheel Replacements are not standard caster wheels. When replacing shopping cart wheels, it's crucial to choose the right bore size, typically 5/16", as shopping cart axles differ from the common 3/8" axle found on most caster wheels. Shopping Cart Swivel Wheels and Casters are distinct from institutional casters and wheels. The front shopping cart casters feature a special 1/2-13x7/8 threaded stem, while the rear wheels typically have a drilled solid stem with two holes. Our rear Shopping Cart Stem measures 31-23/32 x 1-9/16 with 2 cross-drilled 1/4" holes at 3/8" and 1-1/4" up from the base to accept a bolt. In most cases, it's the front shopping cart swivel casters that need replacement, while the rear casters are retained. Beware of off-brand and low-quality shopping cart casters and wheels in the market. Do your research and opt for direct shopping cart replacement wheels and casters from us to ensure the best performance and durability.

Many of you may have encountered poor-quality shopping cart wheels and casters during visits to your local grocery store. Cart repair professionals often seek the cheapest options, disregarding quality. This practice results in underperforming casters and wheels for many stores. The features and benefits of high-quality OEM Shopping Cart wheels, like the ones we provide, are substantial. Our wheels feature upgraded sealed dual precision bearings, thread guards to prevent debris and hair accumulation, and a superior polyurethane wheel material. Additionally, our Shopping Cart Caster Yokes have raceway seals to protect the swivel raceway from debris, ensuring smooth caster movement. These enhancements set our products apart from generic and universal shopping cart wheels and casters on the market. Use the links below to order your OEM Direct shopping cart wheels and casters and guarantee top-tier performance in the USA.


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