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5" x 1-1/4" Publix BULK 100PC Shopping Cart Replacement Wheels | WN2054ED

5" x 1-1/4" Publix BULK 100PC Shopping Cart Replacement Wheels | WN2054ED

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High-Quality Bulk 100pc 5" TPR Wheel Replacements for Publix Grocery Carts - 250 LBS Capacity Each | Durable and Reliable

Bulk 100pc 5" TPR Wheel Replacement Set for Publix Grocery Carts

Looking for a reliable and durable solution to maintain your fleet of shopping carts? Our premium bulk set of 100 replacement wheels designed specifically for Publix grocery carts is your ideal choice. Each 5-inch TPR (Thermo-Plastic Rubber) wheel is crafted to ensure maximum durability and smooth maneuverability.

Why Choose Our 5" TPR Replacement Wheels?

  • High Load Capacity: Each wheel in this set supports an impressive 250-pound load, ensuring your carts can handle heavy loads with ease.
  • Durable Material: TPR construction offers a perfect blend of elasticity, firmness, and weather resistance, making these wheels suitable for all conditions.
  • Bulk Quantity: With a set of 100 wheels, you can efficiently maintain multiple shopping carts at once, ensuring uninterrupted service for your customers.
  • Smooth Performance: These wheels provide a smooth and quiet operation, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Our 5-inch TPR replacement wheels are not just about high load capacity; they are about ensuring your shopping carts remain a reliable resource for your customers. The bulk purchase option makes it a cost-effective solution for grocery stores, supermarkets, and retail outlets looking to maintain or upgrade their cart fleets.

Easy Installation and Compatibility

Installation is straightforward, making it easy for your maintenance team to quickly replace old or damaged wheels. Designed to be compatible with Publix grocery carts, these wheels ensure your carts are always ready for customer use.

Invest in Quality and Reliability

Don't let worn-out wheels be a drag on your business. Upgrade to our bulk 100-piece set of 5" TPR replacement wheels and keep your shopping carts rolling smoothly. Order now to enhance the shopping experience in your store!

Contact us for more information or to place an order for our high-capacity, durable shopping cart wheels.

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